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Spelling words

Week of 8-22-17

Short vowel words


These are the spelling and vocabulary words for the week of 8-21-17.  The students have written their spelling words in their Reminder Binders. 

1.   dance

2.   think                                                    

3.   milk                                            

4.   crisp

5.  twig                                                         

6.  build

7.   lift                                                        

8.   stock

9.   class                                                     

10.  plant

11.  graph

12.  hang                                                    

13.  insect

14.  that

15.  pack


Vocabulary Words   - based on how they are used in this week’s story.  You do not need to know how to spell the vocabulary words, just their meaning.


Ached – a dull or steady pain

Concentrate – to pay close attention

Discovery – seeing or finding out something for the first time
Educate – having knowledge

Effort- hard work

Improve – become better; make something better

Inspire – to motivate

Satisfy – please or delight

Spelling words

Week of 8-28-17

Short vowel words  


1.    crops

2.    snack

3.    messy

4.    head

5.    shut

6.    stamp

7.    click

8.    pond

9.    bath

10.  clammy

11.  slump

12.  tunnel

13.  chuckle

14.  bathtub

15.  luck


Vocabulary Words – You do not need to know how to spell each vocabulary word, just their meaning.


celebrate -  to honor a special day or event


courage – the strength to face danger; bravery


disappointment– a feeling of sadness


precious – having great value


pride – a feeling that one has worth and importance


remind – to cause someone to remember


symbols – something that represents something else


traditions - a belief, custom or way of doing things that is passed down








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