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The Californian newspaper article on Mystery Readers

The Californian newspaper article on Mystery Readers The Californian newspaper article on Mystery Readers

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Who lives in San Diego, likes to crochet and makes killer chocolate chip cookies?

TEMECULA -- Well, if you're a member of Vicky Moore's second-grade class at Helen Hunt Jackson Elementary School, it just may be your grandmother and she may be standing in the hallway waiting to read a story to the class.

Moore inaugurated a Mystery Reader program this month at theTemecula campus.

"It's an opportunity for grandparents, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, anyone, to come in and read to the students," Moore said. "It's a great way to build a bridge between home and school."


The readers send Moore five clues she can use to have the class guess who they are. The more difficult clues are first, she said, and they get              

easier. The reader's identity should be guessed by the fifth clue, she said.

Moore then escorts the readers into the room amid much fanfare.

The first reader Sept. 14 was Joe Mueller, Jackson's new principal.

Since he's not so well known to the students, it took all five clues to guess his identity, Moore said. The children had it narrowed down to Mueller or the school's custodian, before the clue of "he wears a tie every day" gave it away.

Mueller read "Arthur's Teacher Moves In" by Marc Brown to an appreciative crowd.

"They were really excited since he's brand new," Moore said.

Moore said the program is proving popular among the students' families, with readers lined up wanting to participate

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