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Fun Games and Links for kids

Don't forget to ask mom and dad first

Do you want to learn more about our wonderful country and   our government?  Visit this website!
White House for Kids

Find out all sorts of interesting facts and information and   even experiments that you can do at home!
National Geographic for Kids

This site has really fun books, stories, and comics to   read... or click on the words, and the site will read them to you!  Second   graders should choose number 3 or 4!

Exercise your brain with these fun games for kids!  You just   might learn something while you're at it!
Games for Kids!

Pick your brain some more!
More Games for Kids!

Click on the section for kids to find games and facts about   some of your favorite books!
Scholastic's Website

This site made by PBS has some great reading games!
PBS Kids

Keep up with the latest science news for kids!  This site   also has games and lots of real pictures!

Find out what is going on at your White Pigeon Community   Library!
White Pigeon Library
Lite-Brite Words - Write your spelling words using this Lite-Brite page (it's harder than you think!) -> take screen shots and paste them into a Word Document!
Many different games to test your math, reading, and   spelling skills!  Are you up for the challenge?
Games games games!

Test our your contraction making skills on this site.
Contraction Challenge

Try your writing skills, share your imagination, read  fun stories and maybe even get published on the Internet!
Write Me a Story Challenge

How well do you know the USA?  Try your hand at the USA   jigsaw puzzle!
States Puzzle

Make your own kaleidoscope!  Put it on "Auto" for a real   show!
You've Gotta See This!

Find out about all different kinds of weather conditions,   see pictures, and make your own weather instruments!
Weather for Kids

Look into outer space at this site!  You can even design   your own planet!
Astronomy for Kids





Make a card, color a picture on your computer, and find out   how crayons are made at Crayola's Website!
  Making Predictions  
Help Dig-it to figure what is buried in the park 
Sequencing Practice  
Scroll to the bottom of the page for the activities
Syllable Factory  
Students break words into chunks
Word Order
Monkey Business - http://www.earobics.com/gamegoo/games/monkey/monkey.html
Real or Make Believe
Tina's World Real or Make Believe
Fearless Frieda
alphabet practice

Patterns - odd/even
*  Kids - this is great practice for understanding your ones/tens/hundreds/thousands/etc. place
   Place Value Puzzler
*  This is a fun flying dragon game, you find the eggs and click on whether the numbers are odd or even.
   Dragon Eggs (Odd/Even)
*  This is a fun way to practice putting numbers in order.
   Least to Greatest Practice
*  Number Cracker (Patterns)
*  Pattern Mania
*  Pattern Quest
Addition Matho
*  Addition Machine
*  Number Monster
*  The Timernator
*  Subtraction Machine
*  Subtraction Hidden Picture
*  If you love baseball this is the game for you, you can choose easy, medium or hard and you can choose + - or x 
   Math Baseball
*  Sum Sense
*  High Rise Math (2 Players)
*  Subtraction Tic Tac Toe (2 Players)
•  Saxon Math Graphing
•  Create A Graph
•  Tally Charts
•  Bar Graph Creator
•  Graph Goodies
•  Probability
•  Mean, Median, and Mode
•  Interpreting Data- This is great for practicing graphing

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web sites for kids
link - description rating
Math fun
Math fun
syllable game
kids play this fun syllable game!!
splatter 100's chart
This is a fun review of the 100's chart, number order, etc.
dog game
This is so fun, kids check it out!!
comic maker
Make your own comic
synonym toast
Find words that mean the same as or similiar to the word in the toaster.


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