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Writer's Workshop **NEW** 12/08 Writer's Workshop **NEW** 12/08

Writer’s Workshop Ideas

There are so many components to having an effective and successful Writer’s Workshop.  I am continually researching ideas to get better at it each year.  I want to share some of my resources with you to help get you started.


**Getting Started**

  • Purchase either 3 ring binders or folders for each child.  Since I already use the 3 ring binders for my BEE Binders I just have the kids use a folder.
  • Have an editing checklist/guidelines/rubric available in each child’s folder so they know what’s expected of them.
  • Have a sample laminated hamburger paragraph for them you can find at http://www.teachersclubhouse.com .
  • Introduce W.W. slowly, explain rules/procedures/expectations/use of materials, etc.
  • Have PLENTY of ready to use story webs, rough draft papers and blank story books available for them.
  • If possible and you have the space in your classroom keep all materials organized and in one easy location for all W.W. materials.


  • The blank story books I talked about earlier can also be found at http://www.teachersclubhouse.com
  • Colored pencils to be used only for W.W.
  • Markers to be used only for W.W.
  • Organizational wheel or clips something to keep you and children organized ( check out my photos of how I do it )
  • Folders for each child
  • Some people have each child use red ink pens for editing


  • Most days will include a ‘mini-lesson’.  I get ideas for these from looking at the standards in 2nd grade, books and researching the web.
  • Introduce the W.W. wheel / clip management system or both.
  • During W.W. always have Teacher’s Edit written on the board so students can sign up to meet with you.
  • Be specific with expectations

**The process**

  • I will include a separate page on this topic

**Author’s Chair**

*  This is my student’s favorite part of W.W. – sharing their work and illustrations.  They sign up and sit in the Author’s Chair to read their story.  Near the end of the year I will have an Author’s Chair tea and invite the families to come in and hear their child’s stories.

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