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website award from Kirsten Van Dyke

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Our first website award!!! 9/21/07

thanks to http://www.mrsgoldsclass.com



thanks to http://www.mrsvandyke.com 

Dear Vicky,
I am pleased to present you with the Gold Star Award for your classroom website. What a wonderful resource for students, parents, and teachers. Keep up the great work.  Please link the award back to my site at http://www.mrsvandyke.com.  I have added your name to my list of award winners. Congratulations!
Kirsten Van Dyke


Hi Vicky!
I enjoyed visiting for wonderful classroom website.  The slideshows were especially fun and the "Compliment Chain" is a fantastic idea!  I'm delighted to present you with my A+ Award!  Keep up the great work!





You have a very nice site!  Your award is attached.  I will add your site to my winner's list immediately.
Keep up the great work!
Piano Lady Nancy






    Thanks for applying for our award! We have visited your website http://www.vickymoore2.com and really appreciate your helping make the Web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit. CONGRATULATIONS, we are pleased to give you the link to receive our award! Visit www.TheButterflySite.com/wonaward.shtml for instructions. Let us know when it is added, so we can add your site to our "Award Winning Sites" category.
    We liked your site enought to give you an award from our store as well - you can visit http://www.nature-gifts.com/wonaward.html to pick it up!
Randi, The Butterfly Site




Good Morning Vicky, Very very lovely site you have theri.  Good luck to you in building on it as you grow bigger and bigger.  I have put many hard hours into mine for sure.  Enjoy the award.  Please link it back to www.pierrats.com

Thanks again,
The (south Florida) Pier Rat

 Dear Mrs. Moore,

I was truly delighted to pay your class website a visit. It is truly adorable and the information you have provided throughout the site is valuable for students, parents, and teachers. You have really done a remarkable job with the overall design and content of the site. I know the time and dedication it takes to create such an extraordinary website and I truly admire you for all you have done. I would like to present you with my Outstanding Website Award. I hope you enjoy it and display it with pride. You truly deserve it! Take care and may you have a great Holiday Season!       * visit my website at http://www.sanchezclass.com                                                                                                     


Hey there, 
  GREAT SITE! You did an excellent job on your site and you definitely deserve the Kids Online 101% award. I am sure kids of all ages will love your site! You should be VERY proud! To pick up your award just go to the following URL: 
  Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck! Have a great week! 
  Your friend, Mike 

Dear Mrs. Moore,
Congratulations!  You website is a "True Work of Art."  I am sure that your parents, students and fellow teachers are thrilled to have such a wonderful resource.  I especially enjoyed the grapics on your site as well as how easily I was able to navigate through the pages.  Keep up the fantastic work!

Attached is the award:) Please link it back to my webiste:
Be sure to sign our guestbook:)

Stacy Cervone
4th Grade Teacher
McDonald Elementary


clip art provided by: Thistlegirl Designs



I love your class website, especially how you keep it up to date! I have enjoyed visiting it and will be back!! I am proud to award your class website with the awesome website award! Keep up the great work & keep having a great attitude towards the best job in the world-- teaching!! :-)


Brittany Ponvelle

Teacher (Louisiana)

Dear Vicky,
Congratulations! You have won my award for an Outstanding Classroom Website! Your site is amazing....for just starting out,  Anyway- it's great, and very resourceful! Keep up the great work. I'm sure that your students and their parents are very grateful to you for your efforts!  Please link it back to www.mrsgoldsclass.com. Have a wonderful school year!
Jennifer Gold

Hello Vicky,     

I've just sent out my Busy Educator's newsletter with a description of your site. It's posted at: http://www.thebusyeducator.com/2009_jan.htm

I am also pleased to award your site the Busy Educator's Award.

To receive your award please go to:


You've done a great job--I don't know how you find the time to do all you do! Let me know if you ever need a teacher to do a workshop or hear of anyone needing a keynote speaker!

all the best,

Marjan Glavac

Editor The Busy Educator's Newsletter


The Busy Educator Award

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